Dec 3, 2014

Bits and Bits

Sometimes when I'm dyeing a new color it takes many, many tiny test skeins to get just the right recipe for the color I want. Sadly, these tiny not-quite-the-right-color skeins end up forgotten in a box on a shelf.  Recently rediscovered during a studio tidying, they begged for attention and a little sorting.    

Which led to a little color play and contemplation. 

Which led to a new WiP. 
(Confession: I am not a pink person.  But row by row I'm finding myself falling in love.)


Mary Lou said...

I thought perhaps it was for Nana's little one - I do like those colors together.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I'm liking those pinks a lot, especially that area in the bottom photo that starts just above the dark fuschia on the bottom and goes through the egg yolk yellow, then a few shades of pink and then the pale yellow. and light pink. Love it!
You know what else I love? The tree branch with the yarn wound around it. I think you could sell those as decor. Just saying.

Ellen Mason said...

Good gracious. That looks like a blast!

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