Jun 30, 2011

Simon & Lang

     I've been listening to the radio lately while I'm milling about (thank you MPBN & WERU).  Paul Simon has a new album out.  So does k.d. lang .  It seems these 'old' artists have come out with 'new' music that is based on their 'old' work.  They've revisited their earliest roots to re-discover that place where their artistic journey was born.
     Must be something in the air.  I've dusted off my spinning wheel and returned to handspinning,  back to where my fiber journey began.  As machines hum all around me I synchronize to their rhythm while I treadle and spin. (Sometimes we race.  They always win.)
     I have spent countless hours playing/knitting with the colors of Nash Island Yarn.  I don't know why I never thought to do the same with Nash Island Roving. Until now!  Look at what I've been spinning!

 I'm playing with color combos,

knitting up lots,

and lots of samples,

and having way too much fun!

     Sweater possibilities are flooding the brainwaves.  And yes! there will be new Nash Island Multi-colored Rovings in the offering soon.  Just as soon as I crank up the Simon and Lang and try a few more color combos..... 

Jun 9, 2011

Shear (ing) Delight

Shear (ing) Delight is......

3 beautiful islands off the coast of Maine

3 gloriously sunny days in a row

170  big wooly sheep

60  wee wild wooly lambs

23 wonderful family & friends working, laughing, & eating together

3 incredibly hardworking women shearers

1 lobster boat full of wool headed to the harbor

900 pounds of luscious fog washed wool headed to the mill.

Yup,  that's shear delight!

To view the Bangor Daily News article about this year's shearing click on: