Aug 6, 2011


     The other day my daughter gave me a 'time-out'.  No, not the you've been bad go sit in the corner kind of 'time-out'.  The other kind.  The you've been good, working hard, and deserve a little 'time-out' of the hustle and bustle of your ordinary everyday life.  The pause-the-game, take-a-break, recharge- the-juices-kind of 'time-out'.  The go-out-and-smell-the-roses kind of 'time-out'.
     So she whisked me off to Chihulyland. (If you're looking, it's just to the east of never never land.)  And this is what I saw......

Oooooooo.......Ahhhhhhh......OMG..........color!, color!, color!.....Breathless.  Thank you Chihuly, and LME dahling.  Spirit refreshed!  Imagination recharged!  Juices flowing! Game on!