May 13, 2012


Spring has arrived early in Maine!  The critters are out & about & on the move after a long winter's hibernation.  While they slumbered away winter's intrepid weather, our hibernation was a busy den bound winter of sorting through 35 years accumulation of flotsam and jetsam and packing it up into boxes.  This spring we are on the move as well.  Headed due east, closer to dear friends, an island, and some sheep.

I'm hoping you will forgive my lack of attention and lend some patience as we pack up lock, stock, and mill and move to our new home.  We'll take a bit of a breather to settle in and enjoy some island lambing time.   And then we'll have those machines up and humming again just in time for this year's new wool clip!

P.S.  our new address is:   9 Farnsworth Road    Columbia, ME  04623