May 13, 2015

New Obsession

I have never encountered the obsession for knitting shawls until I saw this (gasp) and tumbled full-tilt into complete obsession. 

I must confess I had previously admired several of the shawls in this book draped across the back of a chair in a sunlit NYC apartment (the image still haunts me.) Perhaps that was the dawning of obsession.  This sweet little book by Kirsten Kapur of Through The Loops has become my constant traveling companion. 

I don't do fussy. I don't do complicated. But from the simple beginning through the rhythmic building of the main body to the grand finale of a touch of lace at the outer edge I am enamored with these shawls. 

In full obsession mode I will be knitting them all, a shawl a month (there are 10 in the book). It's lambing season on the island so while I watch lambs it's  Nefertem on the needles in a hand spun lamb & silk blend shibori hand dyed in indigo. For June I'll be joining the Through The Loops Mystery Shawl knit along, and then perhaps add one more from Kirsten's Ravelry shop to round out the year.
I was waiting for a new obsession. I love the thought of a collection of shawls. Perhaps when I'm not wearing them I'll drape them over a sunlit chair to simply admire. 

You can purchase a paper copy of Kirsten's book here, or a digital copy here. Join the June Mystery Shawl knit along here. Check out Kirsten's other shawl patterns on Ravelry.  Oh, and her Blog too!

And if the photos in the book lead you to yearning for more...check out Gale Zuckers blog!!