Jan 22, 2014

Cardi Quest ~ The Mason Trio

My sweater collection.

What's wrong with this picture?  For all the yarn in my life and all the knitting I do you would think I'd have a closet full of lovelies to wear.  But like a carpenter's wife without cupboards, or a cobbler's children without shoes, I am a yarn maker without sweaters.

Motivated by this devastating reality, and greatly inspired by my friends Ellen and Gale, I am determined to remedy this fashion void in my life.  And so, I am off on a year long Cardi Quest.  (I must confess I started this quest in September with my Rhinebeck sweater.)  The goal - to fill my closet with a bevy of colorful cardigans, savor the designs of some of my favorite knitwear designers, and play with all the (new) Nash Island yarn colors (more about that later!).  

4 Nor'easters, 3 ice storms, and numerous power outages (so far) have made for lots of knitting time this winter.  Here are 3 new additions to my cardi collection.  Affectionately known as the Mason trio, these designs are from one of my most favorite knitwear designers, Ellen Mason.

Lorna Suzanne

Lorna Suzanne by Ellen Mason Designs (odacier) on Ravelry

 Nash Island Light Yarn in Cove

 (Okay, I confess, I knit this awhile ago, but hardly anyone has seen me wear it, and it needs to be acknowledged here along with it's sister sweaters.)

Lillian Fay in the Forest

Lillian Fay by Ellen Mason Designs (odacier) on Ravelry 
 Nash Island Light yarn in Spruce & Seaweed

 I decided to change it up a bit by using two colors.  I like how using the lighter green for the front panels really highlights the leaf pattern.  You may get tired of seeing me in this sweater.

Mary Rebecca goes to the Ocean

Mary Rebecca by Ellen Mason Designs (odacier) on Ravelry
Nash Island Light Yarn in Jay, Buoy, Calm Seas, Sea Glass, Clear Skies

I have been working on some new colors for 2014 (stay tuned!) and after dyeing up some blues I really needed to try them out to see if they all played nicely together, so I really, really needed to knit up a sweater with them all, and of course it really, really, really needed to be one of Ellen's designs.... 

I love Ellen's designs.  Simple - with an interesting design element.  A joy to knit - with instructions so clear and concise it's like Ellen is sitting right there beside you while you knit. And the fit - perfect every time!

Jan 1, 2014

Secret Revealed

A year ago my friend Mary Jane Mucklestone asked me to keep a secret.  It was the hardest secret I have ever had to keep!  But it led me on a fantastic adventure where I met some wonderful people. 
 And at long last I can finally share the secret!

Taaa - Daaa!!!

 This is a delightful new knitting book by the lovely & creative Ysolda Teague,

featuring a sweater designed by the talented Mary Jane Mucklestone 
using Starcroft Fiber's Nash Island Light Yarn!

Jenny at the Fair

I must say, I love knitting this sweater!  I have knit two Jenny at the Fair's, so far....

One for me, which I finished just in time to wear to Rhinebeck this year.  I couldn't help but add a few more colors to the fair isle motifs.  (confession:  I have a life-long obsession with always wanting all the pretty colors)

And one for my daughter.  I love her color choices.
The possible color combinations for this sweater are endless! (again,  all the pretty colors!)

We had the pleasure of Ysolda and Mary Jane  joining us for shearing this year, bravely tromping through sheep poop, wrestling lambs, and tirelessly skirting hundreds of pounds of fresh wool.  The best shearing crew ever!  Ysolda wrote a wonderful story about her island adventure in the book.  
You can  get your very own copy of the book here.

I am truly grateful to Mary Jane and Ysolda for including me in this adventure (even though I couldn't tell a soul until it was all done!), for venturing out to an island and willingly getting down & dirty to become one with the source, and for taking note of a little yarn maker way downeast in Maine.

We'd love to see your version of Jenny at the Fair.  Please share with us on Ravelry!