Jan 4, 2015

Out of the Woods

When my dear friend Gale (pictured here with her friend Cleat) e-mailed me a few months ago with an offer to do a pop-up store in New York City in January, my imagination mind immediately thought, 'Yes!  That sounds like a lot of fun!'.  Then my introvert mind thought, 'Oh, my, NYC is so far away...and there are so many people there' (I live almost in Canada, in the woods, and there are 428 people in my town). My logical mind thought, 'You don't have any yarn made'. And my optimistic mind thought,'But you have lots of wool and a month or so to make some'. A hefty debate ensued.

 In the end, optimism and imagination won!

So the house building was put on hold (again) and holiday handcrafting Santa took a sabbatical. 

Machines have been humming. 

Dye pots have been bubbling. 

And the yarn has been piling up. 

I am very excited to be headed out of the woods next week to bring a bit of my corner of Maine to NYC. 

Starcroft will be popping-up at lf8elevate on East 7th Street, NYC, January 13-18. 
Doesn't that sound like a lot of fun? 


Beverly said...

I can't wait for your pop-up shop! What fun!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...


Mary Lou said...

I do wish I were going to be there to help. Such fun. Such yarn!

hodge podge said...

SO exciting!!!

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