Jan 13, 2016

Winter Expedition

new year. new journey. setting off on an expedition.

expedition (n.) 1. an excursion, journey or voyage made for some specific purpose or exploration. 

This expedition is inspired by Sarah of Fibertrek's Shackleton CAL which invites you to join a community of fellow explorers and challenge yourself to go beyond known boundaries to 
pursue that epic knitting/crafting project that will test your resilience and skills. An expedition requiring perseverance, thinking through obstacles, flexibility to change with circumstances and the courage to follow your passion into the great unknown. 

After much pondering, I have mapped out an itinerary, gathered in supplies and set forth.
Combining my love of islands and the sea, my passion for the art of hand knitting, and my curiosity for learning about ancient craft and ancestral roots my new year's journey is taking me to the islands of my ancestors to study their traditional hand knits.  First stop, Fair Isle for an exploration of pattern and color, then on to the Orkney's for a study in the structure and texture of the Gansey, and finally to Aran to traverse the interlacing intricacies of cables.  At journey's end ~ three hand knit pullovers steeped in tradition and a wealth of new knowledge and confidence.

What is your epic hand crafting challenge?  Where will your journeys take you this year? What new skills will you be exploring?

You can join in the Shackleton CAL adventures HERE and follow Fibertrek's expedition HERE.

Happy New Year and Bon Voyage!