Nov 17, 2014

Ram Rescue

Early in November we take the rams off their summer island and bring them to the mainland until it's time for them to go out to the ewe islands for breeding in December.  The reason being that when the scent of ewe wafts in their direction, rams being rams, they will sometimes wander out onto the ledges at low tide thinking they can walk over to the ewe's island (impossible). And if the tide should come back in during this attempt...

stranded ram. 

An extremely rare (don't ever remember doing this) rescue mission requires team work and a great deal of strategy planning. 

Capture was easy (embarrassed but grateful rams). However, manuvering large rams over slippery rocks and into a small boat proved somewhat eventful but successful.  (Sorry, no pics, I was holding the boat.)


Carlotta said...

Naughty Rodney. Haha!

Mary Lou said...

Glad you were in the boat and not in the drink. Great photo essay!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

As a photographer, I loved the photos and coverage. The silouettes on the rocks are stunning. But as a friend--whew that must have been a chilly wet rescue if it was "eventful"!

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