Nov 3, 2014

The Larch

The larch. (aka : hackamatack). My favorite evergreen. So much so, that the first time I stood in this circle of larch I knew this was the spot to build my new house. 

It's a roque evergreen. After all the deciduous trees have flashed their colors and dropped their leaves, the larch defies the laws of 'evergreen' and follows suit. 

Maintaining some family resemblance, delicate marble sized cones coniferous-ly dot the branches,

which void of their needles resemble no one. 

The other evergreens will have all winter to dominate the gray. For this brief fall moment it's the larches turn. 

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Mary Lou said...

Beautiful. But sadly, I always think of this when I hear the word Larch.
Monty Python The Larch sketch - YouTube,d.cGE

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