Jan 1, 2014

Secret Revealed

A year ago my friend Mary Jane Mucklestone asked me to keep a secret.  It was the hardest secret I have ever had to keep!  But it led me on a fantastic adventure where I met some wonderful people. 
 And at long last I can finally share the secret!

Taaa - Daaa!!!

 This is a delightful new knitting book by the lovely & creative Ysolda Teague,

featuring a sweater designed by the talented Mary Jane Mucklestone 
using Starcroft Fiber's Nash Island Light Yarn!

Jenny at the Fair

I must say, I love knitting this sweater!  I have knit two Jenny at the Fair's, so far....

One for me, which I finished just in time to wear to Rhinebeck this year.  I couldn't help but add a few more colors to the fair isle motifs.  (confession:  I have a life-long obsession with always wanting all the pretty colors)

And one for my daughter.  I love her color choices.
The possible color combinations for this sweater are endless! (again,  all the pretty colors!)

We had the pleasure of Ysolda and Mary Jane  joining us for shearing this year, bravely tromping through sheep poop, wrestling lambs, and tirelessly skirting hundreds of pounds of fresh wool.  The best shearing crew ever!  Ysolda wrote a wonderful story about her island adventure in the book.  
You can  get your very own copy of the book here.

I am truly grateful to Mary Jane and Ysolda for including me in this adventure (even though I couldn't tell a soul until it was all done!), for venturing out to an island and willingly getting down & dirty to become one with the source, and for taking note of a little yarn maker way downeast in Maine.

We'd love to see your version of Jenny at the Fair.  Please share with us on Ravelry!

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gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Happy new year Jani! I spent part of today looking at your Jenny sweaters and dreaming/scheming of making one myself--so gorgeous. All the pretty colors, indeed.

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