Aug 1, 2013

excuses, excuses, excuses....

Oh, yes.  I have many excuses as to why this mountain of wool has yet to be spun into gold.
For the most part, I think they are pretty good excuses.

#1.  It's been gawdawful hot and humid.  Absolutely unacceptable weather for downeast Maine.
I sweat.  Wool sticks.  Nuff said.

#2.  My 81-year-old Dad has moved back home to Maine. 
Enjoying some long overdue quality time.

#3.  Winter's coming.  We are still house-less.
Busy building and 'holding up the other end of that 2 X 4'.

#4.  Daughter #1 is getting married in September. 
I'm responsible for the 'bride sweater' (of course, sport weight hand spun island lamb)
& cake topper (of course, it involves fabric, paper, glue, & scissors).


Zoey Lou.  ala Daughter #2!
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Carlotta said...

Gasp! Those are all really good excuses, but I'll take a #5 any day! She is absolutely precious!! Congratulations. ~Carla

Ellen Mason said...

You had me at wool sticks. All good reasons, but
good gracious, that's a whole new human being.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

She's beautiful!!!! Congratulations! She's a great excuse although finishing the house, that's a pretty good one too.

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