May 1, 2017

SPRING! Tide's In!

Acer rubrum ~ Red Maple

Having grown weary of the long monochromatic winter, my eyes hunger for color this time of year.  As the new season unfolds, I find myself on a quest to seek out the emerging color moments that harbinger spring.  Not the deep lush colors of summer, not the vibrant last hurrah colors of autumn, but those innocent soft colors of spring.  This year I am particularly enamored with the colors offered up by the buds of trees. Although upstaged by showy spring bulbs, trees offer subtle color en masse and inspiring hues up close. 

Lonicera canadensis ~ Fly Honeysuckle Bush

Salix ~ Willow

Populus tremuloides ~ Quaking Aspen

Inspired by all the new spring color, I am eager to get the dye pots going this week and prepare some TIDE colors to take to the island next week for *lambing season* knitting.
Very fortuitous since there is a new batch of Nash Island TIDE yarn ready and waiting for skeining and dyeing.

Starcroft ~ Nash Island TIDE Yarn

And also fortuitous that I just finished this Sea Urchin Treasure Bag by Mary Jane Mucklestone to take to the island with me next week to collect beach treasures during *lambing season*.

Sea Urchin Treasure Bag by Mary Jane Mucklestone in Starcroft Nash Island TIDE Yarn

And did I mention that next week begins *lambing season* on the island? My absolute favorite time of the year ~ SPRING! LAMBS! Tide's in and I'm headed out to the island....


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

That's a lot of Tide! Wishing you a wonderful week or two on the island with the lambs...can't wait to meet them in June!

Jan Cooper said...

Thanks for hating your beautiful photos and thoughts. Please let us know if you're able to catch the soft subtle shades of spring in your region.

Beverly said...

Oh, I love these pictures! I was noticing the skunk cabbage leaves today--on some of the smaller plants, the purple/red of the shoot is visible on the edges of the leaves. So much color to fascinate...and I can't wait to see how you interpret it on all that lovely Tide!! Happy lambing! xxx

Kirsten said...

Such lovely colors. Acer rubrum flowers are so easily missed, and so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you (and the lambs) next month.

Mary Lou said...

These are such lovely pictures. I also love the first smells of spring. Winter is so scent-less.

hodge podge said...

i think we can all relate to your eagerness for Spring color! beautiful photos and words.

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