Feb 23, 2015

Calm before the (next) storm

The weather has been a bit difficult. Storm following storm following storm. Finally a brief calm morning to run out to the islands and check on the girls. 10 am launch, snow & wind due at 2 pm.

With temps hovering at +5, it's a bit of a wait for the motor to warm up. With the harbor frozen over, a beach launch on the lee side is necessary. 

A quick sweep of the hard packed snow covered island as dark clouds begin to roll in. 

Despite the white on white camouflage, all sheep are accounted for as they march to the shore for elevensies seaweed snack.  

And back to hot cocoa and warm fire as the first flakes of nor'easter # I've lost count descends. Comforted in the knowledge that all is well on the islands and in awe of those hardy island girls. 


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

wow that was a dramatic visit, I love that you're sharing the gritty details of how you do this in winter. Might need some hot cocoa just from going out on that icy water vicariously.

Ellen Mason said...

I like to think I'm up for adventure. That boat ride looks like misery and terror. You'd be hard pressed to get me out of the cabin and back to shore until ice-out.

Mary Lou said...

Great photos. I'm shivering as I look at them. Glad all the girls are well.

jolene said...

What a brave hardy Maine woman! Been thinking this winter about all the women who tend their flocks, love the pics-Namaste'

Laurie D said...

So good to know all's well out there! & that you all made it back safely :) Spring is coming, soon- ish!

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