Oct 6, 2014

Barren Moon

Although the trees are just a bit past peak, the barrens are only half way there.   There are numerous varieties and species of blueberry plants in a barren, some turn earlier than others. The dry weather of late has also influenced the rate of color change. 

Happy Full Harvest Moon. 


Kirsten said...

Happy full harvest moon to you too! I had a lovely view of the full moon earlier tonight. It was perfectly framed in my window.

Your photos make me wish I was in Maine, experiencing the beautiful foliage firsthand.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Beautiful! The colors and scenes are amazing, you live in such a special place. Keep showing it to us, pretty please.

Mary Lou said...

IT was raining here - no moon viewing. But tomorrow morning if it is clear we can see the eclipse. Smoky has blueberry blue pants.

Ellen Mason said...

Love your shadow. Those barrens, oh!

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