Jan 3, 2013

* 2012 *

Starcroft Fiber Mill's new home - under construction in 2012
a moving and somewhat unsettling year
Here's what I learned in 2012:

*     if you put your old house up for sale in a poor market, 
      it really could sell before you have a new house to live in

*     with a generous amount of tears and perseverance you can sort, pack, and move
      35 years accumulation of life in 6 weeks

*     house-less is not the same as home-less 
      thanks to the generosity and kindness of friends 

*     you can move into and live in 5 different places in 9 months time
      while simultaneously building a mill, a barn, and a house
*     you can move 3 complete households (yours, a daughter, a son) and 1 business
      in the dog days of June, July, and August

*     when everything you own is stored in boxes
      it's amazing how little 'stuff' you really need to live

*     that amidst the chaos, life continues on with celebrations of 
      a birth, an engagement, a pregnancy announcement, a graduation, and a funeral

*     that a 9 month un-anticipated hiatus from your work 
      can leave you renewed and eager to get back to it

It was a year of the un-anticipated, of patience and flexibility, of letting go 
and new beginnings.              

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Kit said...

Please telle you are still in business

Kit Warner

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