Jan 21, 2011

Cabin Fever Colors


 The third blizzard of the season is howling and swirling outside my window, covering the panes with lace and enveloping me in a cocoon of white. I'm cozy inside by the fire, deep in the dye pots, conjuring memories of clear blue skies, undulating green seaweed, and beach gleanings of deep purple mussel shells, pale green urchins, and turquoise sea glass.  And from the dye pots have come the NEW 2011 Starcroft COLORS!
Some rejuvenated old favorites and some exciting new additions.  Here's a peek... 

Osier - deep cranberry red, Lobster Bake - dark orange/red, Acorn - intense autumn gold, Larch - soft pale yellow, Urchin - pale green, Seaweed - deep yellow/green, Sea Glass - light turquoise, Clear Skies - bright blue, Raven - deep navy black/blue, Cove - soft fog gray, Whelk - deep red/purple, Mussel Shell - dark purple/navy, and Pine Cone - deep brown.

I just couldn't decide which color to knit with first, so of course I decided to use them all.  This is a fair isle vest in progress....

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