Jul 5, 2017

Nash Island TIDE Voe Vest

Nash Island TIDE Voe Vest on it's maiden voyage.  Modeled by Captain Matthew at the helm of the Schooner Olad.

I am always eager to start knitting with a freshly spun batch of yarn, so as soon as this spring's new batch of Nash Island TIDE was spun and dyed I cast on for a summer knitting adventure in stranded color work.  As with fine wines, each batch of yarn spun possess it's own subtle notes and unique characteristics based on the annual weather, nutrients, and environmental condition's influence on the wool harvested.  The Spring 2017 Nash Island TIDE has a wonderful soft lofty feel that blooms beautifully after blocking creating the perfect stranded fabric.  It's a very good vintage.

Yarn : Nash Island TIDE         Pattern : Mary Jane Mucklestone Voe Vest 

I went right to my favorite source for color work knitting patterns and found the perfect pattern match for Nash Island TIDE in Mary Jane Mucklestone's Voe Vest pattern.  It is knit in traditional Fair Isle style, in the round with steeks.  I loved the easy knitting rhythm of the motifs and found that after the first two sets I was able to knit without referring to the pattern chart.  The only changes I made to the pattern was to use 6 colors instead of  Mary Jane's version which uses 7 colors, and I added one extra motif pattern to lengthen the body.  (knitting and pattern particulars are on my Ravelry page).  

Sunset cruise on the Schooner Olad ~ Camden, Maine

This vest was a surprisingly quick knit! Which leaves me with one small but enjoyable conundrum... summer has only just {finally} begun here in Maine and I have already finished my summer knitting project.  What shall I knit next?  I'm thinking maybe a small knitting project like a hat to work on aboard my next sailing adventure on the Schooner Olad with Captain Matthew.

May 1, 2017

SPRING! Tide's In!

Acer rubrum ~ Red Maple

Having grown weary of the long monochromatic winter, my eyes hunger for color this time of year.  As the new season unfolds, I find myself on a quest to seek out the emerging color moments that harbinger spring.  Not the deep lush colors of summer, not the vibrant last hurrah colors of autumn, but those innocent soft colors of spring.  This year I am particularly enamored with the colors offered up by the buds of trees. Although upstaged by showy spring bulbs, trees offer subtle color en masse and inspiring hues up close. 

Lonicera canadensis ~ Fly Honeysuckle Bush

Salix ~ Willow

Populus tremuloides ~ Quaking Aspen

Inspired by all the new spring color, I am eager to get the dye pots going this week and prepare some TIDE colors to take to the island next week for *lambing season* knitting.
Very fortuitous since there is a new batch of Nash Island TIDE yarn ready and waiting for skeining and dyeing.

Starcroft ~ Nash Island TIDE Yarn

And also fortuitous that I just finished this Sea Urchin Treasure Bag by Mary Jane Mucklestone to take to the island with me next week to collect beach treasures during *lambing season*.

Sea Urchin Treasure Bag by Mary Jane Mucklestone in Starcroft Nash Island TIDE Yarn

And did I mention that next week begins *lambing season* on the island? My absolute favorite time of the year ~ SPRING! LAMBS! Tide's in and I'm headed out to the island....

Apr 7, 2017

Fibertrek Wool Scouts Retreat

We all need to take some time for ourselves.  Now more than ever.  Time to disconnect, seek solitude, immerse in nature, recharge our energies, reground.

Just imagine... climbing into a float plane and leaving chaos behind as you lift off above the tree tops and head into the Great North Woods of Maine.

Just imagine... flying over the peak of majestic Katahdin Mountain as your pilot names every peak, lake, and river that flow past beneath you and tells of their history and lore.

Just imagine... gliding to a landing on the surface of Munsungan Lake and stepping out onto the awaiting dock of the only habitation on the lake and 3.5 million acres of wilderness forest surrounding you.

Just imagine... being warmly greeted by the wonderful hosts of Bradford Camps and made welcome to this quintessential vintage Maine sporting camp.

Just imagine... plunking your gear down in your cabin and meeting our cabin mates before grabbing your knitting and heading out to the porch to catch the last rays of sunset and settle yourself in to camp mode.

Just imagine... the stars and the silence.  Such silence that you can hear the ripples of a fish breaking water as you drift off to sleep.

Just imagine... slipping your toes into the cool lake at dawn before plunging in for a quick swim with the trout before breakfast.

Just imagine... delicious home cooked food fresh from the garden eked out of the wilderness.

Just imagine... days filled with fellowship, learning new skills ~ how to start a fire with flint and steel to set your dye pot to boil, how to read a compass to find your way, primitive storage for your knitting sundries, knitting a pair of traditional Maine mittens.

Just imagine... paddling the lake at sunset, lakeside fire chats in the evenings, and long walks in the woods ~ leaning-in to your hand craft among the trees and filling your soul with fresh air and the scent of pine and balsam.

Just imagine... THEN DO!

Join Wool Guides Sarah Hunt, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Sarah Lake, and myself for the incredible Fibertrek Wool Scout Retreat, August 13-17, 2017 at Bradford Camps in the Great North Woods of Maine on beautiful Munsungan Lake.

For information click HERE, or contact fibertrek@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!